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On the world's fastest racetracks, on the street, on the toughest outback terrain there is. When it comes to spring design and durability, King Springs knows neither compromise nor second best.... these are the cornerstones of our technology, and the reasons why King Springs are leaders in the replacement and performance automotive spring market.

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    At King Springs we know that quality Is key to success

    Kings Springs exclusively use high quality, high stress X5K spring steel. This new generation steel allows King Springs to further improve many of their existing designs by reducing the amount of steel required in a spring, making it substantially lighter (by approximately 30%) and reducing the solid height therefore increasing travel. You can’t get that anywhere else

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    KING Springs TAPERED WIRE / PROGRESSIVE RATE COIL SPRING "The Intelligent Coil Spring"

    There is no disputing the advantage of increasing the spring rate in a vehicle to improve vehicle stability and load carrying capacity, however, in many vehicles we are often confronted with three major considerations: Ride Comfort, Shock Absorber Control, Spring Entrapment


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    Designed using Advanced Cad Software

    All King Springs coils are designed using the worlds most Advance Cad Software. 

    Design requirements include “Maximum durability”, “Lowest weight” , “Maximum travel”, “Tapered wire” and “Progressive pitch” designs.  Sized in 0.25mm increments and 8mm material to 24mm material is used.