Why are Springs Replaced

There are three major reasons springs are replaced:


There are 3 options when changing vehicle ride height:

A. To Lower the Vehicle
When lowering a vehicle it must be remembered that the vehicle will be closer to:

i.    the road
ii.   the tyres
iii.  the suspension bump stops
For these reasons, performance replacement springs should be fitted.

B. To Maintain or Return Vehicle to Standard Height
 Most common when original springs have sagged or previously fitted lowered springs are no longer required.

 C. To Raise Vehicle
 Common in Four Wheel Drive vehicles, heavily laden vehicles, LPG etc., towing or when ever increased ground clearance is required.


When improvement in handling is required, performance replacement springs will substantially reduce body roll and improve a vehicle's stability.

Performance lowered springs will also lower a vehicle's centre of gravity.


All vehicles are manufactured to a general acceptable standard and springs are no exception to this rule. With demands for comfort a growing priority, springs rates are kept as low as possible. For this reason, the original spring's ability to carry load and tow etc. is in most cases, poor.

Performance replacement springs will decrease the vehicle's ride height loss under load and improve vehicle stability when laden.

KING'S PERFORMANCE REPLACEMENT COIL SPRINGS will achieve improvement in any or all of the above 3 areas.